Swallowing your man’s cum is perfectly safe if both you and your guy are healthy & disease free.



BY Queen Preshiii

So we will be discussing on how to sexily swallow your man’s CUM

When your man starts ejaculating into your mouth, you may be wondering what you should do with his cum. There is no “right thing” to do, it’s all down to your personal preference. If you can’t stand the taste, then feel free to spit it out.

But if you don’t mind it, then try swallowing it at least once to see if it’s something you enjoy.

So first of all,

1. You’ve to POSITION yourself in the right direction, then use your hands to hold his dick

As you notice him getting closer to orgasm, take him out of your mouth and softly grab his shaft near the head of his dick.

Then simply move your hand in a fast up and down motion, moving about one inch up and then 1 inch down, making sure that some of your fingers are wrapped around his shaft while the others are gently rubbing over the head of his Dick.

You can give him extra pleasure, by using your free hand to cup and gently massage his balls while giving him a handjob

Alternatively, if he is particularly well endowed, then use two hands on his shaft
As he gets closer and closer to orgasm, start stroking faster and faster until he climaxes
Once he starts cumming, loosen your grip until it’s almost featherlight and slow your stroking right down so that it’s very slow.

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Loosening your grip and slowing your stroking will give him maximum pleasure and minimum pain

2. After he ejaculates in your mouth, instead of immediately swallowing it, keep it in your mouth. You can then open your mouth to show him his load before swallowing itSmiling face with heart-shaped eyes. Or you can swirl it around your mouth, so it looks like you are savoring the taste before gulping it down.

If you want to be even kinkier, you can open your mouth and use your fingers to play with it. As it’s so sticky, you can easily grab it with your fingers and then let it slowly drip back into your mouthWeary face. Another kinky way to play with it is by blowing bubbles with his cum.

3. If u aren’t too keen to play with his cum before swallowing it, but u do want to make eating his cum hotter than usual, then just make some satisfying sounds after swallowing it. Gently humming, “Mmmm” or “Yummm” after swallowing it is an excellent way to make it more erotic

You can even go a little further by telling him how it tasted, “I love swallowing your cum” or “I adore feeling your cum trickle down my throat” or “Swallowing your cum makes me so we

4. Letting him finish in your mouth during fellatio is not the only way that you can swallow his cum. If he finishes somewhere on himself, you can still swallow it! It’s a simple case of licking it up after he cumsSplashing sweat symbolTongue, which can look crazy intense and hot for your man.

5. This last cumSplashing sweat symbol swallowing technique is going to be a bit out there for most. Allow your husband to finish by giving you a facial. Holding his dick while he does it will help you to direct where he cumsSplashing sweat symbol on your face and prevent him from hitting you in the eye.

After he blows his load over your face, use your fingers to scoop up all his cum from your face and then drop it into your mouth. Once you have all his cum in your mouth Kiss mark, swallow it and let out a satisfied sigh.

So yes, swallowing cumSplashing sweat symbol is a healthy thing to do even for pregnant women!

Hopefully from all this research, you can see just how safe & healthy swallowing your man’s load is

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Hopefully from all this research, you can see just how safe & healthy swallowing your man’s load is

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