How Inbound Marketing In Nigeria Can Resolve Fintech Challenges In 2020



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Inbound marketing can be defined as a marketing strategy that is usually adopted by most business owners to ensure that their customers get the best services while at the same time providing better and easier ways for accessing these services via Search Engine Optimizations (SEO), Marketing, Content Marketing and a host of other marketing techniques.

In today’s world, it is not strange to find out that the internet has taken over almost various aspects of the business sector. It needs to be noted that research is predominantly and chiefly done using the internet although other sources might be gotten outside the internet. Business owners have all turned to the internet to boost their business. Here are some of the things to consider before adopting the inbound marketing strategy –

Analyse the facts – It needs to be stated at this point that the internet is the hub of business and knowledge wherein anybody can walk into at any time to get desired services. People find it a lot easier to use the services of the websites provided by most companies online. For a business to survive there must be the presence of a website.

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People research and buy on the internet; a great way for companies to still be making sales without the physical presence. In analyzing the fact, also consider that it is not just limited to consumer purchase; there can also be Business – to – Business Service. This is the type of situation herein companies or businesses also complement each other. An example can be seen wherein one type of business provides raw materials to another business which will, in turn, produce the output.

User experience – This has often been overlooked by a lot of businesses but the truth of the matter still remains that this is one of the vital aspects of inbound marketing. Businesses should consider making it very easy for customers to navigate across their websites and find answers as well. Users that find it easy and convenient to access certain websites usually come back for more. They stick o the services provided by the business because there are a personal touch and connection already established on the platform.

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Contents – Another thing to consider before adopting the inbound marketing strategy is the type of content that the customers will be exposed to. The truth needs to be told and that is simply the fact that contents are the life-wires for building a great customer base. Businesses should try as much as possible to ensure that what is on their websites answers the questions of the customers. Usually, questions such as “What do I stand to benefit?” and “What would you gain?” have to be approached and given the best and easiest answers on the websites via the contents.

Trust factor – The last but not the least that business should consider before embarking on the inbound marketing strategy is building trust and credibility. Prospective customers need to make the website not just their favourite but their only option when it comes to certain services which the business provides. This can be done when they are confident that such services have been provided before in an excellent fashion and style.

Moving on, it is important to note that Financial Technology often referred to as “fintech” is simply a method of delivering traditional financial services through the use of modern and advanced technological means. There has been a lot of problems accompanied by making use of fintech strategy over time but with the adoption of the inbound marketing strategy by most Nigerian businesses, here are some of the benefits and reforms that can be expected in

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High Customer Led Digital Marketing – In this modern dispensation, it is very easy to find almost everyone using internet-enabled devices such as Laptops and smart phones. However, with this comes the need to research and find answers and solutions faster. This is the reason why most customers will opt-in for research on faster and more user-friendly websites. Businesses should adopt a good strategy for SEO and content distribution to stay ahead of their competitors in 2020.

Low cost of adverts – Carrying out adverts via the traditional means can both be time and money consuming. This is the reason why fintech brands who adopt the SEO and Social Media Optimization find it easy, convenient and affordable to market their financial services to the customers.

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Customer Relationship Management – Inbound marketing can help to make the customers proactive and in turn, engage in meaningful conversations on various social media platforms. Thus, fintech brands with messaging and contact features will find it easy to get customers’ feedback, opinions and also answer their questions.
In summation, Inbound Marketing can be said to be the new fintech solution and the best way to benefit from this is to seek the expert services of the right Digital Marketing and App development agency with a proven track record.