Diary Of A Mad Black Man


She denies him , but no one will believe him. They will say he must have done something that’s why she doesn’t want to be touched. Being the good man he is, who won’t cheat, he buries his head in beer hoping to forget he is horny.

She belittles him, demeans him & makes him feel less of a man but no one will believe him. They will say he is the one who just doesn’t know how to take care of a woman, so he takes the blame & takes out the anger on beer.

She has an income too but won’t help out saying “it’s a man’s job.” No one knows where her money goes. With the little he has, he struggles to provide for the family & remains with nothing. but eeh, he is a man, he can’t complain, only beer can sooth his frustrations.

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Her relatives look down on him because she has shared horrible stories about him, her brothers have even beaten him once or twice & he can’t fight them of try to convince them, it’s their sister/daughter, so he just goes to the bar & finished the shame with beer.

Even if he is physically abused, the won’t help him, they’ll tell him be a man, if he then defends himself, he is arrested. She is emotionally abusive towards him daily, he is insulted on daily, she will be all up in his face, pointing her fingers at his forehead…

… because he’s human, one day he snaps. And that’s the end of him, they lock him up, he’s an abusive man

He goes into his cave (stops talking), the only peaceful place he knows, trying to find some peace & solace, but alas, she follows him into the cave, screaming & shouting “why are you ignoring me?” And before long, he has to apologize for going into his cave. Even that was wrong.

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He’s a man, it’s always his fault. She can never be wrong. If the relationship is not working, he is the cause, if she cheats on him, it’s his fault, he must have done something, women don’t just cheat. If he complains, he will be called a sisy, so he can’t even dare say a thing.

He just suffers inside & takes out the frustrations on beer. If Castle, Black Label, Heineken could talk, they would tell his story. He is even scared of going back home early because of the insults that will greet him upon arrival.

But no one will believe him, how can a woman be wrong? It must be him, he is a man, they are the wrong ones, women are angels, they don’t do wrong.

Ever notice that when a man is unhappy & unsatisfied in a relationship, the woman is fine with it but when SHE is unhappy & unsatisfied in a relationship, it’s time to “see other people? HIS being unhappy is acceptable to her but HER ?

His only consolation is beer, it won’t judge him, it won’t talk back, it won’t demean him. And you wonder why the bars are full of married men. They’re suffering in these marriages. I know even this disposition won’t be believed, it will be twisted.

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They’ll come & say “why are you always writing negative things about women?” Why will they do that? Because they hate looking like the ones who are wrong. They don’t want the privilege of being “always right, always the victim” taken away from them.

It’s a crazy world. There’s a reason why many married men are suffering from depression & committing . When will the woke people look into this. A married man is the most emasculated man. I wish someone could read the diary of the Mad Black Man.

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