How To Make Legit Money Online



Today  i’ll be exposing how you can legitimately make sweet easy cash online with little or no experience at all, you don’t need a PHD, MSC or whatever degrees all you need is just the little secret am about to share with you, that has worked for me.


As I write earlier this thread is focusing on how to make money with NEW and EXPIRED domain names, tips, experiences. Do and Don’ts.

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It still amazes me that quite a large number of Nigerians are fully online with different devices phones and computers but yet not making money from it. Many things have changed and one of the easiest way to make money now is online. Quote me anywhere.

Now you may be asking” what is a domain name and how can I make money from it”?
Calm down.

In one word a domain name is an online real estate. If you want to get a website for personal or business use, what you need first is a domain name. Just like if you want to to build a house, no matter your plans and design, you need a land first.

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In other words, without a domain name there will be no website. Without a domain name there will be nothing like e-mail address. “Now how do I make money from it”? The truth is that most good domain names have been taken. … They have all gone.

For example all 3letter domains names has been taken. You can form it and confirm. The only avenue to target is expired domain names. And what is expired domain name again? These are domains that the original owners fail to renew. every domain has an expiry date.

The maximum you can register a domain is 10 yr which the minimum is just 1 yr. Now if the original owner fail to renew it after the year duration, some grace period will be given after the domain will be dropped and become available for anyone to re- register and it’s legal.

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Now this is quite easy and anybody with the right information and tools can do it and have a wonderful result. This is from my personal experience and not a hear say. Now this is richly profitable but just like any other business it has some basic strategies and ways to do it in order to get decent result.

Questions and inquiries are welcomed…