Advantages Of dating a younger woman


First and foremost, let me make it clear, by young, I’m referring to 18 yrs +, before the feminists accuse me of child abuse. Now that’s cleared up, I’m going to list the advantages of dating a younger woman (25 & below) over the older ones.

Kings, in no way should you be ashamed for wanting to date younger women, nothing wrong with having standards. It’s just like when women say they want a tall, muscular, handsome, rich guy who owns a mansion & drives a Mercedes Benz. You too are allowed to have standards.

GIRLS MATURE EARLIER THAN BOYS: if you notice by the time girls are in their late teens 18, they shun their same-age boys & focus on men in their late 20s, even 30s. If a girl matured at 18 but you only marry her after 25 what do you think she has been doing all this time.

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She’s probably been with many men older than her, so why would you her age mate want to marry her? There’s nothing more embarrassing than a 90s male marrying a 90s female. Kings, your dating pool are the 2000 girls.

BIOLOGICAL CLOCK: there is empirical evidence, the more a woman ages, the harder it becomes for her to conceive. Now in this generation, where abortion is encouraged coupled with the abuse of morning after pills, the chance of her conceiving in her 30s are little to non.

And even if she is to get pregnant by some miracle, statistics on babies born with defects are more in older women than young women. This is the reason, why it’s smarter to marry a younger woman.

SEXUAL APPEAL: I’m not saying 30 year old’s don’t look good but compared to 20yr old’s you can see the difference. Time is a woman’s greatest enemy, because by her late 20s, she starts using more & more makeup, wearing push up bras so her breasts can still appear firm & the likes.

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On the other hand a man in his 30s has just come into his own, he is confident enough to be who he is without apology, he flaunts that bald head & rock that beard like a boss. Put a 30 yr old man & a 30yr old woman you’ll see the difference. Women age like milk. Men age like wine.

STILL BELIEVES IN LOVE: she hasn’t yet had that many harsh experiences in relationships, so she still believes in love. Her heart hasn’t been broken that much. There’s a reason why most feminists are older women, they have been in many relationships, with bitter endings.

To the point that she now believes every man is a dog, it’s harder for her to trust. That’s how you’ll find yourself being compared to her ex & always having to prove you’re different from him. But young girls are still innocent, in fact naive, they believe in forever after.

SEXUAL SATISFIED: some are still virgins, therefore you’ll probably be their first sexual experience & even those who have had sexual encounters, the body count is still low. She can still be satisfied, she doesn’t have much to compare you with.

A virgin doesn’t know about a big d**k or small d**k, because she has nothing to compare to. Women were created to naturally pair bond, but the more different men she sleeps with, the harder it is for her to pair bond.

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A woman in her late 20s has had more sexual encounters, you’re most likely not to satisfy her, she has a whole catalogue to compare you too. She’s more likely to cheat because of that.

SUBMISSION: a younger woman is more likely to submit than an older women. Because of the age gap, you’ll be more or less like a father figure as well to her, therefore she’ll respect you. Which is why we emphasize, pick women raised by both parents not single mothers.

But these older women, they’re more likely to challenge you, they believe you’re 50/50 in a relationship. Your role as the head, will be under constant scrutiny.

FINANCIALLY SUPERIOR: because she’s young, still in her late teens/early 20s you’re most likely financially superior to her. Your natural role as a provider isn’t challenged. What’s the point of dating a 30 something woman with everything? She doesn’t need you.

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She will walk away at any time. That’s why most highly educated/career women are single or divorced. Relationships thrive when the man is financially superior than the woman. Argue all you want, long lasting relationships are when the man brings more money than the woman.

CONCLUSION: You’re far more likely to enjoy a feminine woman by being with a younger woman & more likely to be with a masculine woman by being with an older women. As a man you need to be in a relationship where you’re NEEDED, RESPECTED, TRUSTED & GOOD ENOUGH.

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