Opinion: Why do Christians use their money to mock the poor?


Every rich Muslim, whether a politician, , footballer or in entertainment industry uses their money and position to promote and protect Islam.

But Christians uses theirs to built mansions, live extravagant life style and show off. We the so-called Christian need to learn the modest and selfless lifestyle of some Muslims. The so-called Christians most times uses their money to mock the poor, forgetting that b4 becoming rich, they were once poor.

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But no Muslim mocks the poor rather, they feed, cloth and shelter them. A Christian will visit Orphanage centers, it will become a thing of show off, he will post it everywhere on social media for everyone to see, but no Muslim does that.

Have you seen Dangote showing off his wealth b4? Despite being the African richest man, he still lives a modest lifestyle, but look at Bishop David Oyedepo, showing off and boasting of his wealth and private jets everywhere. Christians have allot to learn from our Muslim brothers on how to live a modest lifestyle even when they are spendioussly rich like Dangote.

Every rich Muslim have this common thinking that money, power and position are all vanity, that they will return to mother earth with nothing.

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They also believe that despite their money, position and power, they are not different from the poor, this is the reason in their , there are no discrimination in the squatting arrangements, both the poor and powerful squat together and pray.

But go to our churchs, we look at the kind of cars, dressing and sizes of pockets, position in the society to usher people in, thereby creating a huge demercation between the rich and the poor.

I have not seen any Imam or shiek move around town with convoy of expensive cars before, but look at our so-called Bishops, Prophets, and Pastors, behaving like and peddlers, what exemplary lifestyle can anyone learn from any in Nigeria. Its a shame.