How to quickly Identify a female gold digger


In general I’d say every female wants a guy who’s well up, but I’m going to give you the traits of those who make it too obvious that they’re all about extracting resources from you. The gold diggers that will suck you.


WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING: if a woman asks you this question before she has even asked about your age, hobbies, family etc, she’s a gold digger. She’s sizing you up, to determine whether she blows you off right there or she makes you pay for .

Women like this aim to extract maximum resources, by baiting with their sexuality & leading guys on. She isn’t interested in you but only interested in what you can do for her. Foolish men believe the “I love you” of girls who just received ewallets from them.

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GOLD DIGGER KIT : hoes are always trying to sell class, to deceive men that they’re these classy ladies. The gold digger kit, comprises mainly of these 3 things: iPhone, Brazilian/Peruvian & Louis Vuitton. If you notice a chick has those 3 things, 9/10 times she’s a gold digger.

Hoes follow trends diligently & if you date them you’re romancing with diligently.

PIC LOCATIONS: if you notice that a chick seems to be traveling all over the country or world. Always uploading pics @ these poshy & exotic places, she’s a gold digger. Pics in hotels, in the desert on camels, in parks riding horses or by the beach/pool sipping tequilas.

Where the hell do you think she’s getting money to travel all over? Sure, a person can save for a trip but that’s like once a year but they travel weekly. Even an African president who loves travelling, doesn’t travel that much.

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GROUPIES: gold diggers are groupies, they always want to appear important, so they’re always forcing themselves around powerful men & big events. They hang around celebrities, politicians & rich men, always uploading selfies with them, they’re at every big event in town, they’re trying to sell the image that they’re important.

SOCIALITE/ PERSONALITY: these terms have lost their meaning, now they just mean overrated hoe. They give themselves these fancy titles to sound important. And you will observe almost all of them if not all, their usernames try to make them sound important as well.

They always contain these words QUEEN OF….ROYALTY…CLASSY…SASSY…MISS…BOSS observe.-

SQUADS: gold diggers are usually in groups, calling each other cute names “babes”. If you notice a chick is always posting different kinds of chicks be it on her WhatsApp or wherever, be alert. Normal girls don’t roll in groups, 1 or 2 friends is enough.

If you are at a wedding and you observe that the bridesmaids, the number of the bride’s friends outnumber the relatives, just know that’s a gold digger is getting married. But it should be noted, though they appear to be friends, there’s a lot of back biting & jealousy.

They’re always fxcking the same guy & the drama usually explodes on social media.

FAVORITE FOOD: if you ask any chick what her favorite food & her answer is PIZZA, just run away. No black family raised their child on pizza. Gold diggers have expensive taste, they know the most expensive restaurants in town, If you notice, a chick always uploading pics @ these posh restaurants, that’s a red flag.

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SHE HAS AN UNCLE: there is always an uncle, whom her own parents don’t even know about. If a chick is always talking about her uncle who did this and that for her, she’s lying. That’s her sponsor, Everytime she shows up with something new & expensive, she goes like “my uncle…” she’s lying. That flat is paid for by that uncle, even that car she’s driving, that weave, iPhone, to sum it up everything she has.

CONCLUSION: Stay away from these women, they have no love in their hearts. No matter how much you do for her, she can never be satisfied. To them men are disposable pawns. The minute, you’re of no value to her, you’ll be quickly disposed off & she’ll rewrite history, guilt free.