What Most Women In Their 30’s Won’t Tell You



If you observe, all these single ladies in their 30s, they all preach the same thing. I was focused on my education/career I really didn’t have time for a relationship. I was in this long term relationship, the guy was abusive/cheated on me, Or I’m so unlucky in love, I always attract fxck boys. These are the common stories they tell, as they try to deceive & trap some innocent guy.

SHE WON’T TELL YOU that while in varsity, she was jumping from one man to the other, Varsity girls hoe around the most, they be sleeping with students, lecturers & blessers. The student in the name of FREEDOM. The lecturers for GOOD GRADES. The blessers for MONEY.

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SHE WON’T TELL YOU that during her varsity days, she was known by every bouncer, she has drank more ciders that can fill the Atlantic ocean, smoked shisha more than Wiz Khalifa. Sucked more D**k than your favorite pornstar.

That she was being rammed in restrooms,hostels, cars, clubs & hotels. All she’ll say was, she was studying hard to graduate & make her dear parents proud.

SHE WON’T TELL YOU because of her job, she looked down on many suitors who wanted her because they were not her “class”. She couldn’t date a broke man, he couldn’t afford to maintain her. She couldn’t submit to any man because she was “independent”.

She was fu*king her superiors & colleagues who were her “class” but didn’t commit to her. All she’ll tell you is, she was busy climbing up the corporate social ladder.

SHE WON’T TELL YOU about all the good guys she turned down for her sh1tty EX. She won’t tell you how much she was attracted to bad boys & turned off by good guys. Good guys were boring, bad boys were exciting.

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How her parents & friends advised her to leave that sh1tty EX, but she held on, all because of his D**k. What she’ll tell you is that guy wasted her time with promises, she’s apparently the victim not the architect of her own past.

SHE WON’T TELL YOU about how many abortions she has had, her womb is now a cemetery. How much morning after pills, she has swallowed, her womb is now a pharmacy. She won’t tell you that her chances of reproducing may now be little to impossible.

All she’ll tell you is she has no child, meaning she’s well behaved. Unlike those single moms right? She is a decent woman, at least that’s the picture she’ll be painting

SHE WON’T TELL YOU about how many times she’s visited the clinic over an STD. Believe me, you won’t jump from one man to another for that long without ever getting one or a couple of STDs. Some of them are on ARVs but they won’t tell you. She’ll remain quiet.

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SHE WON’T TELL YOU about her nasty attitude that turned away men. Her psycho behavior, that in some of those previous relationships she was actually the toxic one. She was a feminist, she wanted to make those EXs of hers, her pets. All she’ll tell you is they were abusive.

To sum it up what SHE WON’T TELL YOU IS “I had good guys who wanted me & I could’ve had great relationships but I didn’t want that. Now that I’m done ploughing through the fxckboyz & giving my prime to dudes who didn’t want me, I’m ready to settle with a good guy…

….Even though I didn’t want them in my prime, I want them now, when my days are over”