NPFL Super Six: Kano Pillars’ Fans Attack Referee, Quadri Adebimpe

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Kano Pillars’ captain, Rabiu Ali’s unprofessional conduct added fuel to fire as their fans broke into the pitch at the Agege stadium in Lagos on Monday evening to attack the centre referee, Quadri Adebimpe. Before the final whistle, Rabiu Ali’s free kick was delayed due to the fan’s disturbances.

But after his free kick, the referee blew the final whistle which did not augur well with Kano Pillars’ team as Ali went straight to the referee asking him to show him the stoppage time. In an attempt to get off the pitch, Adebimpe ran for his life due to the claws of the fans.

Our reporter also observed that the assistant coach of Kano Pillars attempted to beat the media officer of Nigeria U-15 Future Eagles, Mr. Adepoju Tobi However, Kano Pillars players and back-room staff had to appeal to the annoyed fans, thus dousing the tension at the stadium. The match played today between Kano Pillars and Rangers International ended on a 1-1 draw.

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