If it’s Possible For One To Marry His Daughter, I Will Never Give You Out in Marriage – Bride’s Father


Father sheds tears and utters sweet words as he gives the daughter away in Source:
Growing up, a father is oftentimes his daughter’s first hero as she looks up to him as the best person in the world.

However, as the child becomes older, the time to leave her father’s house and start her own family looms closer.

In Nigeria, it is common to see ladies shedding tears at their wedding as they are handed over to their husband but in this case, the father was the one breaking down in tears at his daughter’s wedding.

In new photos that have gone viral, an African father was seen shedding tears as he tried to give his blessings for his daughter’s marriage.

At the wedding, the aged man had the couple kneel in his presence but he had difficulty in uttering his blessings due to his feeling of sadness.

He eventually gave way to the tears that had been threatening to drop as he uttered the words: “If it’s possible for one to marry his daughter, I will never give you out in marriage, but we know it’s not possible.”

This is an obvious indication of the profound love between the bride and her father. So touching!

The young couple had made things official with their traditional wedding on May 12, 2018, and many were in attendance to celebrate them.