Exposed: How Ghanaian Pastors Pay N487k (GH¢7000) For Water From Dead Bodies

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It has been reported that fast moving business is currently on going in Ghana, and it’s the sale of water used in bathing dead bodies to Ghanaian Pastors, who pay as much as N487k (GH¢7000) for it.

A morgue attendant in an interview with Atinka TV, Name witheld, said that the water from the remains of dead people deposited at the various hospitals in Ghana are on high demand and is now a cash cow at most mortuaries in Ghana.

The morgue attendant who stated that they are not well paid, added that the sale of the water from dead bodies to Pastors who use it to perform all sorts of miracles is now one of their main source of revenue.

The Source also revealed that some families prefer to wash their dead relatives at the mortuary before taking them home for burial.

“Some people prefer to bath their corpse at the mortuary, so when the attendants mop up the wet floor, they squeeze the dirty water into containers which they keep and sell to some pastors,” the morgue attendant said.

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