My Take On The Just Concluded Presidential Election

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Before i start with my own personal opinion on this rising matter i want you all reading this to know an not a politician and neither do i belong to any party so if you want to criticize me do so at your own peril.

Now i want us to personally go through both contestants profile when i say both contestants i know most of you will say what about the rest that contested the elections any way those other parties to me are inconsequential and not relevant either we like it or not.

After accessing both candidates well i come to realize that the incumbent party or representative so to speak President Mohamadu Buhari is a very slow starter in the race to move the country forward my reasons

1, It took him six months to assemble a vital cabinet that has a major impact on the country’s economy

2, He closed the boarders banding importation of rice and other essential commodities mostly used and consumed by the poor masses without proper consultations or plan for the future which later boomeranged with serious economic hardship on the common man.

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3, His approach on the rule of law is very poor most of us will say brutal measures are necessary on looters of the national wealth but i don’t think he went by the book doing so

4, His poor judgment on corruption is totally unacceptable i will give you an example ”THE GANJUDE SAGA” one would have taught with all the anti-corruption struggle and integrity he showcased in 2015 would have played a very important role on the Ganjude’s leaked video or evidence but instead he totally ignored it and not a single statement from the presidency this is totally unacceptable.

5, We cannot dispute the fact that this slow starter has performed extremely well in some other areas which is Agriculture, Power and Road construction even if it was an unfinished project of the past government.


After going through his profile and accessing peoples opinion i realized that Atiku is a world wide business man with massive wealth and a lot of money to throw around, he has achieved a lot accept the post of the presidency to add to his CV, lets not deceive ourselves none of us can vouch for Atiku that he will make things better if he had won the election.

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Atiku has every right to refuse the outcome and results of the just concluded elections reasons:

1, Most of the people willing to vote for PDP and Atiku were denied thier right to vote and many was not giving their PVC to exercise their civil rights

2, Cases were recorded of chaos at most PU’S around the country with PDP mostly affected

3, INEC officials arriving late at most PU of PDP’s stronghold areas

With all said and done i totally agree with Atiku on this but the question is simple why did we risk our vote for Atiku ?

Most people will say to tackle unemployment and restore sanity to the economic woes but the real reason is most of us are not happy with the way Buhari is handling our economic matters and most of us really Hate Buhari with passion that we are so blinded and ready to vote for any other option either good or bad.

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We listen to religious leaders and cleric who has been bribed, they plant the hate in our mind that we no longer reason for ourselves Fela said  ” Mr  folow follow make you open eyes”  Lets open our eyes this election is an eye opener to us.

Either we like it or not the tribunals will decide Atiku’s faith and if he wins then let’s see if he can perform any better than Buhari and if he looses i will employ you all to wait another four years to make the right decision of a younger smarter Nigerian with digital ideas that will change things within the period of two years.

Am sorry if my opinion has no meaning to most of you reading but i just want to thank you who took time out to read this even if it’s rubbish to your eyes and mind, let’s put Nigeria first and believe in one another with love we can move mountains. Lets come together to make Nigeria great again.

God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria


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