How i narrowly escaped being shot by the Police – Dami Adenuga

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Dami Adenuga took to his tweeter handle @DAMIADENUGA to share his bitter experience and sad encounter with the Nigerian police, his story will shock you read below

I was shocked and scared but I managed to park the car. After parking, I asked the men who they were and where they were from. They didn’t answer my questions. They simply cocked their guns and threatened to shoot me for reasons I couldn’t understand. I saw the Blue @PoliceNG van

If they had an official police uniform on, I wouldn’t have asked most of these questions. However they only had black shirts marked “anti-kidnapping squad” on. After a lot of threats, they forcefully entered my vehicle and searched it for reasons I still don’t understand.

They asked me to identify myself and I told them I own a company named DAMI ADENUGA WORLD that handles marketing, event planning, promotion and other services. In addition, I own a delivery company @CapazDios that offers courier services.

They also demanded to search through my mobile phones. On my official office line & personal phone, they found some listed addresses and pick up requests from clients.

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Despite initially explaining that I own a delivery company, one of them immediately said I was responsible for picking up human heads for people. I was subjected to serious ridicule and public disgrace in the course of this armed robbery.

I was with the logistics manager of my courier firm. (who was called upon urgent for his parent’s illness, so I gave him a lift). They said a lot to his face.

I was short of words at this point as I didn’t know what I did to deserve this treatment. Maybe leaving my house for an event can be considered a crime.

You might say to me why I can’t challenge them. But then, I realized there’s time to fight and there’s time to be clever. @PoliceNG is your friend indeed…

After their futile efforts to intimidate me, my phones were returned (after checking). However, my driver’s license and other documents were still with them. They asked me what I was doing with an International driver’s license and that what business do I have outside the country

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They continued to brandish their guns at regular intervals threatening to shoot me if I didn’t comply. After all their antics, they asked me to give them some money in their usual language. Shameless Homo sapiens in black filthy dress.

I refused. I told them I had no money to give to them. I know the @PoliceNG has no dignity but these men descended beyond that. They were intoxicated, inebriated and clearly mentally unstable. One of them asked why my windows were tinted if I had nothing to give them. ‘Mo fo o’

I showed them a valid tinted glass permit issued by the @PoliceNG and asked them if it was fake. As usual, they took the document and refused to answer. When I was ready to leave, I asked for all my documents.

They didn’t release my International driver’s license (original) & the tinted permit (photocopy). When I persisted, they bounced me away (as I be bad market for them). I quietly drove away grateful to God that I escaped with my life.

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As they didn’t show me an ID Card or reveal their names or Division, I have no way of getting to them. However, I can identify two of these criminals facially. If these are the men we trust with our lives on a daily basis, & we call them @PoliceNG nobody is safe in this country.

These men were extremely high and were armed with loaded guns late in the night. If I had resisted more than I did, I would have been shot at close range and forgotten just like that.

Perhaps we had a @PoliceNG once in our history but right now we have armed criminals roaming the streets. Please stay safe out there and watch your step, it could have been anyone. God will keep us safe! ….finito!

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