Shi’ites! a ticking time bomb!!

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Maybe by now it would be ringing a bell in the heads of progressive Nigerians who still beleive the govt of Gen. Buhari is the best for Africa’s largest economy at this time. The hardline stance if the presidency to every single form of dissent or deviation from the seeming norms is not working, has never worked and will Never work!

The Niger-Delta was the first, the millitary might of govt couldn’t suppress, until the Professor and Preacher led a high level govt delegation to the region for the purpose of DIPLOMACY and just like magic, There was peace!! no more pipeline attacks, and Nigeria’s oil production output increased and the oil.industry was able to single-handedly bring Nigeria out of recession!

Now it is the Shi’ite movement whose leader has been in captivity for years, even with a court order asking that he be released and compensated with N5 million naira, an order that was disregarded by Mr. Buhari’s government. (So much for the rule of law).

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Now this was how Boko Haram was cultivated and groomed into the monster it is today. The only man that can calm the shi’ites is in custody, God forbid anything happens to him can we immagine what will become of his followers? Gen. Buhari has continued to deploy the SAME TACTICAL APPROACH tha was used on BOKO HARAM, it didnt work then as we could all see today, why should it work now?

El-Zakzaky has to be appeased, engaged diplomatically becasue there is a very thin line between members of the shi’ites movement and TERRORISM! i hope this government would have learnt from the killing of the Boko haram leader Yusuf in police custody. Hard line stance on everything the President disagrees with in 2018 will not, can not and will NEVER work!!! Even the almighty USA deploys strategic DIPLOMACY before any hardline move.


Isn’t it rather sad that after the show of braggadocio by the controversial Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme, a man who was fired by the minister, but reinstated by the President.

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The the same President under whose nose the man flouted the directive of his board has now deemed it fit after hues and cries to request that Mr Yusuf proceeds on administrative leave.

This is in no way strengthening our institutions if the President would have to interfere and very little issues as such. There is a reason for the agency to have a board in the first place, abd when the man was reinstated against the minister’s wish of course that is emboldening, and that is the reason he had the impetus to ignore the striking workers of his agency and more importantly the Board. Mr. Buhari always rises late to the occasion and that costs the system more.

By Yemi Adeoye

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