Makeup artist cleans off the faces of clients who offered her N1500 after service in Lagos


Ladies all over the world love to look beautiful and don’t mind using beauty products to enhance their appearance. However looking pretty doesn’t always come cheap.

Most weekends in Nigeria, especially in Lagos state, don’t pass by without one occasion or event taking place, and this has made the makeup industry in the country a booming one. Several ladies who are not gifted in the art of making up patronise people who are and pay them for their services.

A Nigerian makeup artist in Lekki identified on Instagram as Adeagbo Ololade Adeola (@makeoverbylola) had a negative experience with some customers after they couldn’t pay her for her services.

In a video posted on her Instastory, Adeagbo was captured cleaning off the faces of two of her customers, after they offered her the sum of N1500 after their make over. The obviously startled lady could not take it and she proceeded to wiping off their faces rather than collecting what she considered to be a meagre amount.

She also explained that she used quality products for her clients and would rather clean off the makeup instead of being underpaid.

We’ve all made silly mistakes at one point or the other in our lives. While some of these mistakes are pardonable, others are not. One of such unpardonable mistakes is making up like a masquerade and feeling like the best makeup artist on planet earth.

Instead of making yourself the laughing stock, why not stick to just powder and lip gloss. There is nothing more hilariously tragic than makeup gone terribly wrong.

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